About Magic of the Heart

A divinatory reading is one way where you may encounter magic in a very direct, personal and tangible way. Thousands and thousands of people have experienced very memorable moments when magic revealed itself to them through the Diviner. It can be both enlightening, mysterious, relaxing and even scary to witness.

What is magic? Magic is perhaps best seen as something that happens in our lives, but that cannot be explained. Why did it happen and how? There are a number of magical events that occur around the world every day. Events that has happened before but still puzzle us and events that will happen in the future. It can be the formation of crop circles, the sensation of someone being in the room with you but you cannot see anyone, the building of the pyramids in Egypt, personal harmony through meditation, receiving guidance from the Tarot, listening to your own intuition, enlightened understanding from reading the Bible or simply falling in love.

The unexplained mysteries in life is, however you see it, part of our Universe. It is in my opinion the magic of the human heart that is the gateway to these magical experiences. Without the initial spark of curiosity and faith, magic and the supernatural is lost to us.

For many people, their first encounter with a Tarot reader, an Astrologer or a Diviner of another magical art, will often begin to open up this gateway. A gateway to another world, where magic and the supernatural is accepted and not rejected, and where life is about more than DNA and amino acids. A place where our personal path is about more than money and career. A place where life and spiritual development is cherished and where you will find help and guidance on how to improve yourself, find peace and harmony, and become a better human being.

This is the essence of this website and of my practice. This is the Magic of the Heart.